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Blenheim Palace and secrets

Sunday 19th July 2015 at 19:14

Last week saw the Annual CADA Antiques Fair at Blenheim Palace and what a fabulous venue this is. The architecture is wonderful and the gardens were a bright splash of spring colours. The interior of the orangerie and the associated rooms just lends an air of sumptuous calm to the event. Over the four days there were hardly any moments when I was not talking to friends and clients but then with some 4000 visitors, that really is quite an extraordinary turnout for an extraordinary fair. It really has captured the public imagination and was all the talk of other fairs this week. I am delighted to report a number of pieces which I sold all to new clients and along with other exhibitors, I am hopeful of a few more follow ups in the next weeks.


 A bit of a do?

I was particularly pleased to see so many younger people attending the Fair from toddlers right through to twenty-somethings and there was interest in every single piece on my stand covering a variety of ages and price levels. Visitors came from far and wide, from Devon to Yorkshire and Wales to Cambridge. We have now resettled back into the shop at 86 Corn Street, in Witney where we seem to be having a glorious Cotswolds Spring with sunny weather and all the trees and hedges rushing into blossom. Tomorrow I shall be out travelling the country to both deliver sold items and to find fresh pieces of stock. In case you were unable to attend, this is what the stand looked like with apologies for the poor quality of the picture and any guesses as to the reflections in the mirrored doors of the cabinet at the end?

CADA 2014 Stand.

Everyone who looked at the Kingwood Cabinet on the stand asked the same question, " Are there any secret compartments?" and whilst there are more drawers than meets the eye initially, my favourite piece for this is the wonderful Inlaid Oak Bureau currently in stock which has a positive plethora of secret drawers, slides and compartments. One or two are what you might call standard but then the whole central compartment complete with drawers is removable revealing four more little secret areas and the top section slides forward and the bureau itself is fitted with a well.

 Secrets galore - somewhere to hide gold coins, diamonds, jewellery and love letters!

Who knows, there could be more which I haven't yet discovered! Talking of discovering things, there is also the pretty little mid-19th-century-partridgewood-and-inlaid-bracket-clock which has just come into stock after having the movement cleaned and is in perfect working order. This example is in Partridgewood, one of the rare and exotic woods and I think from the picture you can see why it is so called.

Pure Partridgewood.

As ever,


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