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Pair 19th.Century Chinese Rosewood Cabinets

Code: 402O     Dimensions:W 31.5" (80 cm)H 63" (160 cm)D 18" (45.7 cm)


Ca. 1840

A rare Pair of Early 19th.Century Chinese Rosewood Cabinets   A rare Pair of Early 19th. Century Chinese Rosewood Cabinets, The rounded corners are typical of the Ming Dynasty design from which these are derived. The linear design from the slight tapering presents a visual aspect that is both graceful and understated. The mouldings and triple elongated metal plates of the door handles accentuate the strong vertical mid line. In both cabinets the metalware serves as a centring device from which the eye can understand and appreciate the perfection of form, clean lines and the fine grain of the wood. The mitred mortise and tenon wood joinery reveal some tenons that would have been covered by the original lacquer. Rounded cabinets such as these are made with traditional wood hinged doors and a centre stile which could be removed to allow easy storage of scrolls and other family valuables. Both cabinets were originally lacquered to protect and preserve the  wood of what would have been valuable family furniture. The patina of the doors reveal the beautiful grain of the rosewood which is dramatic as the doors extend almost the entire height of the cabinets. Traces of the original lacquer remain and the original thick protective clay like covering is on the top surface, back and inside of the doors. Th                                             

Pair 19th.Century Chinese Rosewood Cabinets

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