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Saturday 22nd October 2016 at 16:30

Good Afternoon,

The Antiques business is always exciting and very resilient and don't let anyone say otherwise. After a good few fairs this year the Antiques world seemed to have woken up with buyers coming back into the market place and none more so than in Chester last week. I was delighted to have met so many new buyers as well as many existing friends and clients. The room we had selected was on the second floor so if you didn't make the ascent  this is how the stand looked.


On Thursday of this coming week we shall be setting up our stand at the Westonbirt Antiques and Decorative Fair which runs from Friday to Sunday so hopefully I will see you there.

Plans are well advanced for our own In House exhibition which runs from November 5th. (a day to remember) until November 20th. Details are on my website at the foot of the home page and our printers have promised the book which accompanies the 65th. anniversary celebrations for Harveys will be available on the 5th. It will be a lot of fun and a time to reflect on the changes in the Antiques Trade as well as an opportunity to acquire a range of specially sourced pieces.

This time of year would not be complete without hot roast chestnuts and with the need to light the fire (feline demands notwithstanding) comes the opportunity to roast a few nuts and I have to say the current crop seems better than in recent years.

Talking of crops, whilst in the North of England last week I did harvest a particularly beautiful piece of Chippendale Period Furniture. This wonderful Bonheur du Jour just spoke to me and captured my imagination with its quality, colour, design and appearance. I hope you will like it too. 

I will be taking this fine example to Westonbirt if it is not sold prior to then. Certainly at the moment we are getting a lot of sales enquiries from abroad as a result of the fall in the sterling exchange rate and many of these are being confirmed as sales.

One of the enduring things about my many decades  in this trade is to see just how nice a bunch my fellow dealers are and one notices this most acutely when exhibiting at an Antiques fair. Sure, it certainly is hard work but it is also a time when between talking to visitors one can chat with other dealers.  They all have a wealth of amusing anecdotes to tell and some of them should be made into films as they are so bizarre. At our exhibition ask about Mrs Leonore Pegram for one example! I don't know if she is still alive but if she is I bet she is the scourge of the Antiques Trade wherever she may be!             

Two more of the pieces I will be taking to Westonbirt are shown above. This will be our third showing at this location and it just seems to get better and better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you or hearing from you soon.

As ever,


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