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Every Antique has a story to tell

Friday 14th August 2015 at 21:30

Good Afternoon,

and what a glorious summer's afternoon it has been. It really was the sort of day to listen to the cricket on the radio whilst doing a spot of gardening. Well it would have been if we hadn't already won the Ashes series yesterday in less time than it takes to shout "Owzat!"

Left with no cricket I spent today cleaning and polishing some of the pieces which I have acquired in what has been an exciting week with fresh stock arriving and my travelling hundreds of miles to find interesting items. I have placed another half dozen items on my new website and hope you will enjoy looking at them as much as I have got a real thrill from cleaning and photographing them.

One such piece is the most wonderful late 19th. Century Oval Inlaid tray a detail of which I show below.


I often marvel at the precision workmanship of those cabinetmakers in previous centuries. I had to buy this tray even though it is a little warped because of the superb inlays and I wonder who has had tea served to  them on this example.

The same is true of the wine table I recently bought. The top is deeply dished to prevent glasses sliding off one assumes but if you look closely you can see that the dish edge and top are all made of one piece of solid Mahogany from which this delicious effect has been sculpted with the grain running through the edges. This dates from early in the 19th. Century and would have been an expensive acquisition when it was originally made.

I had such fun just waxing this table and seeing it begin to glow again. I was tempted to fill one of the glasses with a little chilled Sauvignon Blanc - maybe later once the sun has set.

So what are the stories these pieces tell? Imagine my surprise on waxing up the metamorphic Library Step/Chair only to find little splashes of best quality emulsion paint in the most unlikely places from which I presume that at some time, when it was just a set of very robust steps and a chair it had become the property of a decorator.( A pretty up market type for all of that). 

Just imagine the conversation:
"I say, could you possibly pass me the Mahogany Metamorphic Steps so I can just touch in the picture rail with another coat of gloss!"

When all is said and done, what a delightful way to spend a sunny Sunday Afternoon. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you get a sense of the fun that is still there for an Antique Dealer!. 

There will be more items coming on display over the next few weeks so do bookmark my new website and thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter.

As ever,



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