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Gentleman's library exhibition open and going

Thursday 12th November 2015 at 16:50

It really was an immense pleasure to be joined on Saturday afternoon for the opening of my exhibition by Judith Miller, the author and TV antiques expert. She spent almost seven hours here in Witney and enjoyed every minute of it. Together we walked through "The Gentleman's Library" exhibition talking to the guests about the pieces as well as the loan exhibits of period writing artefacts from Jim Marshall's collection.

The photo above should give you some idea of the room settings in the exhibition. It has been such fun putting it all together and there have already been sales and enquiries about some of the exhibits. It will continue daily until November 29th from 10 am until 5.30 pm. It was delightful after we had finished touring the rooms and exploring the  backgrounds to so many different objects when the visitors burst into applause - we must have got it about right I suppose! (or maybe it was the champagne and canapés that were being clapped)

Part of the fascination of this exhibition is the way pieces from different periods somehow gel together to produce that very English style  and still remain in harmony with one another. It really is like stepping back in time in a Witney Tardis  with the only concession really being that it is not lit exclusively by candlelight, daylight and firelight! Maybe I should plan that for my next exhibition. 

I do hope you will have the time to come and enjoy all of this before the end of the month. It really is a fascinating cameo of times gone by and I never knew just how much thought and care went into the preparation of quill pens but you may well marvel at some of the quill cutters on show or the candle tinders. Sitting at a wonderful bureau reading a parchment indenture is a most enriching way of spending a few minutes. 

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