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Massive thank you for you from the charity

Saturday 20th May 2017 at 11:31

It was most certainly an auspicious day on Thursday May 18th. 2017 when David Harvey was able to hand over a cheque in excess of £500- to Kevin Game from the Sobell House Hospice Charity in Oxford. David wrote and produced a very special book to celebrate Harvey's founding sixty five years ago by his Father. Entitled "65 Knot Out" it has been widely acclaimed and is for sale through Harvey's Antiques and can be ordered and paid for worldwide online through their website at . With several hundred copies still available they are hoping to raise a great deal more.

David Harvey was quoted as saying " A massive thank you is owed to all those wonderful friends and clients who have given so generously to this extremely worthy cause." May 18th. was the second anniversary of David laying his beloved wife Chrissie to rest after her stay at the Sobell House Hospice. Kevin remembers her well as she had assisted the launch of several Sobell House projects during the two year period when she was Mayor of Witney.

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