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Oxford Blue and fresh Stock

Monday 16th November 2015 at 12:51

I cannot believe it is only a week since my exhibition, "The Gentleman's Library", opened here in my Witney showrooms. The week has been quite hectic trying to fit all those other things I do around being here for the exhibition. The secret to juggling and keeping all the plates spinning at one and the same time has got to be adhering to a routine of sorts.

Problem number one is that the World of Antiques is always verging on the chaotic as, like all dealers, I seldom know who is going to come through the door or phone/e-mail from one day to the next and opportunities occur all the time. I do have some routines and Saturday is my early appearance at the charter market on Market Square here in Witney for bags of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. A recent addition to the market stalls is one dealing in cheeses and I succumbed to the temptation and a slab of Oxford Blue came home with me. Not unlike Stilton but with a smoother more buttery aftertaste - I did resist the urge to try another variety named Wobbly Bottom - maybe next week!

As quickly as items have been sold at the show, they have been replaced with fresh stock and I couldn't resist showing this detail of a great Gentleman's Press that is absolutely fresh to the market

When you look at the main picture on the website you can see what super quality this is with wonderfully sweeping ogee bracket feet as well as the original handles etc. It has a good provenance as well. If the photographs are not quite as studied as usual, I tender my apologies and hope you won't be disappointed as I wanted to get these details across to you as soon as possible.

Another delight is the Regency Mahogany Adjustable Duet Music Stand. It is really quite a simple piece but has a great deal of charm and looks good with the little Regency Canterbury.

It now looks as though Winter has blown in so another of my rituals will be reinstated tomorrow when I bring in a stack of logs for the open fire which I have had burning merrily away all day today.  It does add so much to the atmosphere here with its gentle crackling and hissing and it does provide so much warmth in the showrooms as well. Another pretty little piece to come in during the week is a small Regency Mahogany Pembroke Table and along with the other featured items this week, I am amazed at what superb value for money these items do represent. 

If I get a moment tomorrow I must look in my stock book and see how much these would have been 20 years ago!  As for the Oxford Blue, it suffers from the law of diminishing returns - every time I return to the kitchen it seems to have diminished! I shall go and throw a few more logs on the fire and hope to see you during the exhibition which is open daily including Sundays until November 29th.

As ever,



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