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Late 17th.Century Portrait of John Browne

Code: 399R     Dimensions:W 24.5" (62.2 cm)H 29" (73.7 cm)


A very good portrait of John Browne, Esq., of Norton Court, Gloucester   A very good late 17th Century Oil on Canvas portrait of John Browne of Norton Court, Gloucester with a manuscript label to the stretcher identifying the sitter.  Ca. 1685  


Research indicates that  John Browne was related to an alderman and Mercer in Gloucester, who later became its MP for periods stretching from 1614 up to 1635. He was also Mayor of Gloucester  1610  and 1621. He finally died in 1639 and the sitter is believed to be a relative of his. Norton Court  was situated to the North West of Gloucester.   By the early 18th. Century, Norton Court had passed to Nicholas Webb whose son, John married Arabella, daughter of Thomas Bushell of Sevinbroke, Oxfordshire and they were blessed with 2 sons and 3 daughters. He was Sherrif of Gloucester from1761 to 1762 as well as Mayor, 1771-2, 1776-7 and 1787-7.   John Webb was a Ship’s Husband aAn agent who is responsible for providing maintenance and supplies for a ship in port) for the East India Company and his family were Gloucester Tradesmen.   Whilst it is not known how these three portraits, John Browne, Lady Blake and her Sister came to be together, they are all in matching frames and came from the same collection. It is probable that Lady Blake is of Irish descent and because of Webb’s maritime connections, the family may well have had both trade with  and property in Ireland.  

Late 17th.Century Portrait of John Browne
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