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Sunderland Chamber Pot

Code: 400M     Dimensions:W 11" (27.9 cm)H 5.5" (14 cm)D 8" (20.3 cm)



A rare  sunderland decorated Chamber Pot   A fine and unusual early 19th. Century Sunderland Lustreware Chamber Pot, the rim bearing the inscription, “ Now you’r married I wish you joy, first a girl & then a boy.”  The inside base of the pot with a bearded cross legged seated figure proclaiming Oh dear me, what do I see,keep me clean and use me well, and what I see I will not tell” There is also the figure of a frog trying to climb out from the inside.   The two handles are also transfer printed with flowers and there are verses transfer printed front and back, Marriage: “This pot is a present sent, some mirth to make is only meant, We hope the same you’ll not refuse, But keep it safe and oft it use, And when in it you want to piss, Remember them who sent you this. Present:Dear lovely wife, pray use and go, Take you that handle & I’ll take this,let’s use the present which was sent, To make some mirth is only meant, So letit be as they have said, We’ll laugh & Piss & then to bed. Provenance: Newby Hall.                          


Sunderland Chamber Pot
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