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Wimbledon, Fairford and the best lowboy now on show

Saturday 15th July 2017 at 11:54

Good Morning,

What a busy week this has been again and on so many fronts. We started the week being told it was over 40 years since Great Britain had a semi-finalist in both the Wimbledon men's and women's tennis cups only to be told on Thursday that it is only 2 years since we last had no Brits in the final rounds. There is a lesson lurking away there and it is probably the one about counting one's chickens.....

I spent yesterday morning heading out into the depths of Shropshire to see an old school and rowing friend of mine who just happens to be another very good Antique Furniture restorer and it is a sign of how the market for fine Antique Furniture is changing in that I am once again farming out some of the conservation work I have to outside colleagues. The work has to be executed to the same very high standards that we consistently achieve in our own workshops under Andy's careful expertise. Sometime however we just have more work than we can do in the time available

When I first saw this charming George I period lowboy I wanted to buy it. It has everything I look for in colour, grain, figure and integrity. The size is great and the shaping of the frieze is well executed. It is a classical combination of walnut with burr elm panels and ash feather banding. I couldn't resist this one and I hope you feel the same about it.

As we are into the summer months, there is heightened agricultural activity meaning the inevitable slow traffic behind a lumbering behemoth of a tractor on a "b" road. This is an opportunity to slow down and just look at the trees and hedgerows at a more sedate pace and marvel at the natural beauty we are blessed with here in the United Kingdom and of course the timbers and veneers used in the lowboy are all natural British woods.

All in all an excellent day. Several more pieces will soon be wending their ways across the World into fresh homes where I know they will be appreciated and cared for. 

Another small table which could be yours for as little as £1250- is this super Sheraton Inlaid Mahogany lady's compendium table. What a change in fashions though between the early 18th. century lowboy and this late 18th. century example. Made in an age before broadcasting, a fashionable lady would sit at this to read and write as well as carrying out embroidery and needlework. One of the highlights of this is that it is finished on the back as on the front but with dummy drawers etc. so making it free standing and handsome from any angle when stood next to your chair or by a window for extra light. 

Once in a while I look around and wonder at how I suddenly have three or four of a particular item in stock. I think this is the devil of being an antiques dealer - you have to buy pieces as and when they become available so here are my latest trio. All three corner cabinets are so very different in tastes and styles but all filling the same need for storage and display

Nature has very kindly assisted with watering the garden for me this morning and I hope you can see the beginnings of my tomato crop in this shot.  The Fairford International Air Tattoo takes place this weekend  with both RAF Brize Norton and Fairford being just a hop, skip and a jump away. Here in Witney we usually get to see most of the aerial displays for free as they fly over. Hopefully the clouds will scud away for a dry afternoon for all those making their way through the rain to the event. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

As ever,



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