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Winter arrives in Witney but Antiques are still in favour

Friday 10th July 2015 at 14:04

Here in Witney it has been a glorious winter's day with clear blue skies and the first real chill in the air since last spring. I had to scrape the ice of the windscreen on my car this morning for the first time in months and the forecast for the next two weeks is for further icy weather. At times like this I thank heavens that we installed a wood burning stove in the inglenook fireplace when we moved here 17 years ago and throw a few more logs onto the fire! This was our blanket of snow 3 years ago.

It hardly seems like all that time since we moved here from London's Old Bond Street and how the World has changed in that time. I am constantly delighted when looking at lists of clients to see how so many have been with us for long before even that move.  I was particularly reminded of that when a circular dining table came to me last week for restoration, acquired by the owners from my Father back in the early 1960's since when we have restored it three times and it is with us once again. It is wonderful quality and will give many more decades faithful service. With advent approaching and seasonal goods coming into every shop on our main streets I thought now would be a great time for every party friend to own that sine qua non for the festive season and what better than a "George III Mahogany and Brass Hexagonal Wine Cooler"

to make sure your Champagne is served at the right temperature.

Talking of temperature, I was gladdened by a number of economic indicators all showing the UK economy pulling strongly in the right direction. We have certainly seen an uplift in sales of pieces over the past 6 months with a noticeable increase in the number of people moving to new homes. This has historically always been a very important driver for the home Antiques Market and it now seems to be gaining strength. Todays headline "UK growth beats US, Germany and Japan" makes good reading particularly as it comes from the OECD who for some time appeared to have a very negative view of the Great British Recovery. It did put a smile on my face which was not nearly as sardonic as that displayed by Lady Blake in the portrait shown below. This was painted during the reign of George III in Ca. 1770

I am thrilled to say that we have also managed to buy several more pieces in the last week which will be coming on display over the next few weeks so this is very much a question of watch this space. I hope you are enjoying using my new website and I would be happy to have any comments you may have about it.

As ever,


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