Early 19th Century Mother of Pearl Necessaire


Circa 1840

An exquisite and extraordinarily fine early 19th-century mother-of-pearl Necessaire; the rectangular box lid with a central silver plaque engraved with the initials “AMW” within a border and radiating lines of abalone inlay, opening with a spring clasp at the front and retaining all the original gold fittings and linings and in perfect condition.

All the original gold fittings and linings and in perfect condition, comprising:


  • A pagoda shaped chased and embossed gold tape measure holder
  • A mother-of-pearl handled penknife with steel blade and a gold mount
  • A thimble with a gold inner sleeve and band and steel outer sleeve
  • A pair of steel bladed scissors with highly chased and engraved gold handles and gold blade sheath
  • A gold bodkin
  • A chased and engraved gold needle/bodkin case retaining an original steel needle
  • A chased and engraved gold retracting pencil mounted with a triple faced swivel fob set with an amethyst, a citrine and a beryl

Delivery in the UK mainland is included in the marked price.

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