Georgian Military Campaign Writing Slope



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Georgian Military Campaign Writing Slope, brass bound all around the edges and with brass inlay decoration to the front. There are also brass cartouches to the front and the top, both of which are blank. When open this writing box can be used as a reading slope as there is a brass angle-stay on the inside edge which keeps the box in an open reading position. Inside there are compartments for pens and ink bottles, two large compartments, one of which is lockable and the key is present, plus a secret compartment with 2 small drawers. The writing surface is leather lined.

This fine example is typical of the sophisticated travelling and campaign furniture which would have been part of a senior officers equipment during the Napoleonic Wars which were fought from 1803 to 1815. There are numerous variations on this theme but we have to remember that the only two ways to communicate at that time were by the written word and spoken word. All instructions, campaigns, orders etc. would have to have been in writing making this box a very important piece of equipment.

The locking plate at the front is signed “Turners Patent”. The Turner Family of Locksmiths from Wolverhampton were of considerable importance having first patented their locks in 1798. Circa. 1800 

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H: 8”, 20cms, W: 20”, 51cms, D: 10.5”, 27cms.

NOTE: Some 30 years ago Harvey’s had a special exhibition of Campaign Furniture and accessories. Two of the pictures from the catalogue have been included here to give an idea of how a Military Commander would have travelled and how everything had to be metamorphic for ease of transport.


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Dimensions 51 × 27 × 20 cm

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