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 No: 10761

A very good mid 19th. Century Mahogany  Clerk’s Desk or Tally Desk with an arched, panelled upstand to the back and a sloping fall opening to reveal small drawers, pigeon holes and a space for papers. This would have been the desk used by a clerk to a shipping concern or customs brokerage etc. and was made to be portable so it could be taken daily to whichever warehouse, bonded store or office the clerk was assigned to work at. It would have been used on top of whichever writing table or crate was available to rest it on. 

Circa. 1850 

Price :£ 675-00p.

H: 20.5”, 52 cms, W:27”,69 cms, D:27”, 69 cms.

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Dimensions 69 × 69 × 52 cm

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