Victorian Walnut and Brass Desk Piece



Victorian Walnut and Brass Desk Piece


Victorian Walnut Desk Piece in a rounded triangular form with ornate Brass decoration on each side and in the pen well, a large glass inkpot with cut glass decoration to the top and base, engraved brass cuff and hinge sits in the centre pot well.

Circa 1870

Price : £200.00

Stand: H: 2″, 5cms, W: 14.75″, 37.5cms, D: 9.5″, 24cms. Glass Pot:H: 3.5”, 9cms, W: 3.5”, 9cms, D: 3.5”, 9cms. Overall Height: 5”, 13cms.

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Dimensions 37.5 × 24 × 13 cm

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